Echinacea - click to buy onlineWhat makes Lewtress products so special?

With us it's personal. As practitioners, our aim is to make the most effective products available whilst remaining competitive in the market place. All of our products are tried, tested and proven in our own natural therapy clinics. We have gone to great lengths to achieve this, and our file of testimonials continues to grow.

Based on Kombucha

The entire Lewtress range is based on live Green Tea Kombucha split into two groups: Pro-Biotic drinks and Bio-Active concentrates, but it is our own fermentation process that makes us so unique. Our Bio-Active concentrate range is based on live kombucha extract which holistically supports the body and provides high bio-availability of the herb extracts. Other companies are producing Kombucha products but then heat treating/pasteurising them which destroys it's health giving qualities. Large amounts of processed sugar are then added producing no more than just a soft drink for the mass market. Lewtress Natural Health does not use any additives, preservatives, flavourings or colourings of any kind in any of the products. What we do use, however, is only the finest herbs and most natural ingredients, backed up by 10 years of research and constant on going trials of all our products.

NEW: Our range of Horny Goat Weed and Damiana aphrodisiacs are proving very popular.

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